Seeing as it’s T-minus 6 days and I’ve yet to hear anything from my
advisor and I have noooo money (except for a paltry refund check from
the difference in student loan money and tuition), I’m beginning to
worry.  I have no idea what my duties will be as an RA (research
assistant) and I haven’t set my classes in stone yet.  Rumor has
it that a lot of returning students are reading up for the semester
ahead of time and I can’t get my hands on a syllabus to save my
life.  I hate the thought of going in behind the game, but at this
point I’ll just be glad to be going in.  I emailed my advisor
Monday afternoon and haven’t heard from him yet, and I don’t think it’s
unreasonable to expect him to respond within 3 days.  I hope this
isn’t a sign of things to come.

There’s also been some tension lately because Scott is already back to
teaching (law starts nearly 2 weeks before the general University does)
and I still have very little (almost nothing) to do.  I try not to
be too whiny, but it gets awfully lonely.  I feel like a lot of my
friends have been flaking out on me lately and it’s less than
appreciated.  I’m trying to branch out and find friends that can
be relied on and don’t have boatloads of issues that I’m forced to deal
with every time we get together.  Yesterday I reconnected with a friend of mine from a few years ago (that I lost because someone
was jealous…) and we had lunch.  It felt sooo good to see him
and catch up on that past 2 or 3 years.  I was very honest with
him when I told him why I lost touch, and he was very
understanding.  Big relief.  I also have tried to prioritize
my friendships that have been around for a while, like my friend
Lindsay.  We’ve been friends since we were 11 or so, and even
though we’ve both had crazy lives and been busy, we still make an
effort to hang out.  I feel like that we’ve morphed into different
people, but our shared experiences keep us together.  I don’t
think it’s good to have friends that all think and behave alike.
I’m also working on developing my friendships with people I’ve met
through Scott so that I can hang out with them independently, and I
think that’ll be a help for our relationship and for me
personally.  I’m hoping I get along with at least a few new people
in my program and at work, though I know when things get going I’ll
have precious little time for socializing.

I think today I’m just going to bite the bullet and do some major
housecleaning.  It’s definitely needed and it will occupy me for
at least a few hours before I go to the pool with Utz and Merrily to
catch a (tiny) bit of sun.  Then I’ll go to the Rec and hope for a
repeat of last night’s awesome workout (over an hour including nearly
40 minutes on the elliptical and some serious weight training followed
by some abs).  Anything to break up the ennui…