By request, I have made my journal more
user-friendly (i.e., I changed the font to be more readable).  I
also changed my user icon because I had it when I was
and kind of missed it, especially now that I’m teaching again.  I
had a meeting this morning at 10:00 to discuss the finer points of
individual teaching and to look over possible repertoire and skill
books for my students.  I now have a total of 5 private
students.  Two on Mondays, two on Wednesdays (they’re identical
twins and one of them has perfect pitch), and one on Friday. (My boss
told me she was a goth girl.  And she’s 12. Riiiight.)
Tomorrow I’m going with a new teacher to see what the music store has
to offer and get them to order some books if necessary.  I have at
least one student on Czerny etudes and I have a student who wants to
play stuff from Cats and
stuff by ABBA.  I think her mom was still toilet training when
ABBA was popular, but if she wants it, she gets it.  I can’t wait
to hear her rendition of “Dancing Queen.”

I drove over to Birmingham last night to help a friend
celebrate her birthday and got back here around 11:00-ish.  I had
a really great time, and had I not scheduled a meeting for this morning
I would have definitely stayed later.  I have plans to go back
over on Saturday or Sunday to do some shopping with two of my
friends.  Rashmee, the hostess, had an awesome mix CD that her
friend Mark made for her, complete with cover art.  A while back
she tried setting me up with him, but it didn’t work out because he
found a job in Atlanta.  Every now and then I think about him and
wonder what he’s up to, and listening to the CD probably wasn’t the
best thing for me because his tastes are so squarely aligned with mine
and it sort of freaked me out.  Even still, she’s hopefully
burning a copy for me and will give it to me next weekend.

I meant to go to the gym today but honestly had no time in which to do
so.  My meeting went 10-1 today, then I came home, ate lunch, took
a shower and then went to teach from 3-4:15.  Scott and I are
going out to dinner tonight around 6, and I don’t much feel like having
a 30 minute quick workout and then frantically showering (again).
If time permits, I’ll go late tonight, or I may just hold off until
tomorrow morning.  I have yet another meeting at 10, but if I time
it right I should be able to get a workout in before that.  I’ve
been surprisingly dedicated to my routine and I’m hoping to see results
soon. I’ve gone to the gym 5 or 6 days per week since coming back from
Chicago.  Maybe by the time Labor Day rolls around I will have
dropped another few pounds and maybe even lost a size.  I think
the key lies in consistency and watching my diet.  I’m not
obsessive by any means (I let myself enjoy my food and I go out to eat)
but I need to be more vigilant in the area of empty calories.
Water instead of Powerade, unsweet instead of sweet, diet instead of
regular sodas (although I need to just cut those out altogether because
they’re less than good for your bones).  I also need to cut back
on my dairy consumption.  Even though I have lots of trouble w/
dairy, I was allowing myself some because I was afraid of not getting
enough B vitamins (since I eat no meat or seafood).  I think my
vitamins coupled with the fact I eat eggs should be enough, so no more
dairy for me.  It’s pretty fattening and not so great of a source
of vitamins that I can’t skip it.  Besides, pizza without the
cheese is so freaking amazing.  Try it, you’ll see…

I need to just be a bum for 10 minutes.  That’s all.