I am beginning to worry about work because I keep getting called to do
things last minute or to fill in for someone who can’t teach/doesn’t
know what she’s doing.  I feel in a way that I’m being penalized
for having my act together and having a clue.  My boss hired a lot
of new people, and while I realize they may need some guidance, I feel
like she relies on the existing teachers too much.  I was fairly
well trained, but a lot of what I did I had to learn on my own.  I
only had one instance where a teacher went with me on my first solo
assignment so that I’d get a feel for things, but it was only once and
then I was on my own.  And I had 26 students.  And I was over
an hour away, meaning there was no help should I run into
problems.  I have to go help a teacher figure out how to set up
and get around a school before I go teach my own private student.
It’s not like I had anything else to do, but it still sucks.  I
sure hope I’m getting reimbursed for all this.  I will definitely
have to put my foot down if she starts pulling this shit during the
semester.  School is far more important to me now and work is
going to have to come second whether she likes it or not.

I went to the Rec pool this morning around 10 and stayed for around an hour.  I was the ONLY person
there the whole time.  I got into the pool for 15 minutes and had
2 lifeguards just sitting there watching me.  It was very
creepy.  I felt bad that I made them get out there (I’m a good
swimmer) so I got out and laid around until it started getting
hot.  It felt good to be outside just for a bit and I got a bit of
a glow but nothing more (because I burn easily).  I’m trying to
take better care of my skin because pale skin shows every single flaw,
and in fact accents them.  Great.  I plan on making an
appointment before classes start to get a manicure, pedicure, massage
and (maybe) a facial.  I want to feel and look good and I think
the massage will help iron out a lot of anxiety.

I should go get ready and go find some lunch.  I have to go prep
for my lesson today before I go help my co-worker.  Sigh.