I’m normally so on top of everything, but I think this summer has
turned me into an entirely different person. I have nothing pressing,
nothing I have to do….half
of the time I don’t even know what date it is. It’s really completely unlike who I am:
punctual, organized, and proactive. I’m beginning to get concerned
because today I knew (half-way at least) that I had a work meeting
today, but somehow I’d convinced myself it was next weekend.  My
phone was on silent most of the day and I happened to check it and see
that I had a voicemail.  It was my boss.  Wondering where I
was.  Ooops.  I made it to the meeting well over an hour late
(closer to two hours late) and got very little out of the
meeting.  Later on tonight my boss called me and we discussed my
teaching assignments. Luckily she was not at all upset with me. My
Monday night class got handed over to Aimee because I have a class then
(stats), and my other class doesn’t start until October 1st.  I
managed to get 3 private students on Monday afternoons, two Kindermusik
classes at a private school here in town, and a 2.5 hour music class at
the daycare at Mercedes.  I swear, I can’t escape that
place.  Once I have all of my teaching obligations lined up, I
should be making some decent money, in addition to my assistanship
stipend.  That coupled with my reduction in expenses will
hopefully improve my financial situation.  I just need to be more
careful how I spend my money.  Bills first, then savings, then
fun.  Right.

Tomorrow I have craploads of errands to run.  Wednesday I go to
Demopolis to do the open house for registration there (luckily I’m not
teaching there this year).  I think I have one more open house to
take care of this week, though the time and date escape me.  I
think I have it somewhere in an email.  Booo for not having my act

I am so incredibly thirsty.  I need to drink up and then go to bed.