Yesterday,though boring ended up being pretty action packed. I called and talked to my dad to wish him a happy b’day and we discussed my moving in with Scott. Predicatably, he saw no problem with it because I showed him that I had thought it out. I then met with Dr. Cummins. She was very happy for me when I told her about my assistantship and whatnot. I think she is pretty pissed at the SoM for not hooking me up with anything, even if she does acknowledge the reasons (need for performers). It was nice to do that so I had a sense of closure and resolution and so that I knew she wasn’t upset/bitter. Quite the opposite, in fact. Big relief…

I did some piddly things throughout the day, including a 2 hour stint at the gym, which was soooooo nice. I think if I stick with the gym thing as I have been the past month or so I will see serious results. After the gym I did some housecleaning (in preparation for my move-in) and e-mailed my mom saying that I needed to talk to her and to call when she had a chance. She called around 7 or so and I told her about my move. She was (shockingly) ok with it. Like my sister said, she’s just thrilled that’s Scott’s a nice guy and not some skeezy Arab guy. As long as she likes him, I’m fine with that. I’m moving all my stuff in on Saturday and I’ve got SHITLOADS of stuff to do before then. As fun as my trip to Chicago was, it really put me behind. I need to sort through and consign some stuff, give some to my friend Lindsay and donate the rest (or pawn it off on my upstairs neighbors).

It’s going to be a busy, busy weekend. I just hope I have enough people to help me move my stuff. The gym might not happen for me until Monday. Oh, well. I’ll be getting a good enough work out as it is.