In an hour or so I’ve got to go meet w/ my former advisor so we can
talk over some things and just sort of hang out.  I know it will
probably be kind of sad because she’s so nice and did so much for
me.  In some ways I feel bad, but I know that I did the right
thing by switching programs, and I think she feels the same.  I
need to get with my current advisor so we can hash some things out and
get me signed up for classes. I think I’ll aim for 12 hours, but if he
feels that’s too ambitious, then I’ll scale back.  There’s two
classes I know for sure that I will be taking, but one is sort of up in
the air.  I e-mailed my boss to let her know I may need to swap
out with someone since I’m free Thursdays but not free on Monday
nights, but she’s yet to respond to me.  Pssshhh.  I have a
meeting Sunday afternoon regarding work and hopefully something will be
resolved then.  I know it can be a pain in the ass for her to work
around my schedule, but academics come first and she certainly has to
respect that considering all of her employees are students.  Maybe
I can get her to do the Thursday morning home-school class again and I
could teach that.  For the most part those kids are pretty nice,
although it does mean waking up pretty darn early.  If it’s just
that one day, I’m sure I’ll manage.

The money situation is tiiiight.  I thought I was going to get
some help this month, but since my dad is buying a new car, it looks
like that won’t happen.  It’s ok, I just wish I knew about it
ahead of time.  Scott’s going to help me out a bit (with the
understanding that I’ll pay him back ASAP).  I was pretty stressed
yesterday, but once my school money comes in I’ll be A-OK.  I also
will probably sell my flute on eBay.  I don’t anticipate ever
playing it again and it will only get worse the longer it sits unused
in the closet.  It represents some times I don’t want to go back
to.  I did some prelim research and found out that I could get
over $1000 for it, so that’s definitely encouraging.  I feel like
this is a good time of year to sell because people are wanting new
instruments for back-to-school.  Maybe I can get it sold sometime
this week.  I don’t even think I know how to play a flute
anymore.  How sad.

I went to yoga last night and had a great time. I had a lot of
tightness in my legs and back from the trip and it was nice to get that
worked out of my muscles.  I may go back on Thursday, and tonight
I hope to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio. I need to keep on with
my established routine, otherwise, I’ll slack off during the academic

Off to call my daddy and wish him a happy birthday! 🙂  He’s 50 today….