I have had a nice weekend thus far, though it unfortunately hasn’t
included packing for my trip. Ooops.  I need to get on that ASAP
so that I’m not shoving stuff into a suitcase Monday night at around
11:30, since our flight leaves at around 8 or 9 Tuesday.  I always
like to get stuff done way ahead of time so I’m not panicking at the
last minute.

Scott and I went to go see The Bad News Bears
last night, and it was definitely funny.  I cringed at the number
of kids there (and it was a 9:00 showing!) because it was definitely
not a kids’ movie.  No way.  About the only thing that they
didn’t say was “fuck.”  Lots of  potty and genital humor and
some flipping the bird.  Not that I object to that, but it’s
different for six-year-olds. I distinctly remember on weekends not
getting to stay up past 10 until I was at least 9 or 10, but recently
I’ve seen lots of kids out late.  It has to be messing up their
sleep schedules.

I put about 15 albums worth of songs on my iPod last night, and I have
30 more to get done today.  It’s crazy!  Most of them,
admittedly, come from Scott’s collection, but he has a lot of awesome
stuff: Belle and Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, and lots of Bob Dylan.
It’s bothered me for a long time that I begged my dad for an iPod and
then so far haven’t really put a lot of stuff on it.  20 GB is a
lot of space.  To put it in perspective I have around 700 songs on
there and still haven’t taken up more than 2 GB.

My guitar on eBay is so far at $102.50.  I’m pretty happy that
it’s broken the $100 mark, and I’m hoping it’ll go closer to $150,
though I’ll be happy to get back what I paid for it.  There’s this
one guy that keeps bidding and I think he’s unaware of the auto-bid
feature on eBay.  I need to get it restrung on Monday morning so
that it could possibly ship out on Monday afternoon, if whoever gets it
pays up immediately. Otherwise I’ll have to have someone mail it off
for me, or I could take a serious risk and not mail it until the
following Monday when I return.

In other news, my computer seems to hate me.  I have tried turning
it on twice already this morning and it for some reason decides not to
turn the monitor on.  The monitor is receiving power, but it
doesn’t display anything.  Argh…