Today has been really nice.  I’ve been doing housekeeping-type
stuff, looking up restaurants to go to in Chicago, fixing my computer
(finally, the issue is resolved), updating my iPod, going to the gym,
and going out to dinner.  I am still pretty full even an hour
later, but I really didn’t eat much of anything all day, so I’ll
probably be ok.  I’ve found I get a lot fuller on a lot less
lately. I take that as a good sign.

My guitar is up around $145.00, which is fine by me.  I’m hoping
the bidding gets intense tonight and tomorrow morning so that I make a
lot of money for my trip.  First thing tomorrow I’m taking it to
Guitar Gallery and getting it restrung and then I’m running 10 billion
errands in time for the trip. I want to take it easy tomorrow night so
that I sleep well and I’m not exhausted when I get to Chicago.

Back to iPodding….