I’m not one to take a personal offense to anything, and nothing really
upsets me.  Even still, I think for once in a long time, my
feelings are sort of hurt.  I made friends with a girl (I’ll call
her Maria) last year when I was going through some very rough
times.  We hung out a lot and were there to offer advice to each
other about stuff we were each experiencing.  One of her main
issues was that she was in love with someone who happened to not
be from “around here.”  I told her that with any relationship, you
do need to be careful, especially if you were raised in a different
way.  But I encouraged her and told her that I hoped she was
happy.  I was never nagging or overly cautious, despite my own
negative past experiences.  I found out recently that her and this
guy were engaged and are getting married in just a few weeks.  She
told me waaaaay back when (January) that she couldn’t see herself
marrying him for at least a couple years, and I said that it is
definitely an important decision and that I was proud of her for being
level-headed.  I’ve been trying to call her for a few months now
(every few weeks I’ll give her a call but she doesn’t answer so I just
leave her a message) and she has yet to call me back.  I’m
wondering if she thinks I’m going to be discouraging or try to rain on
her parade.  Even still, a little courtesy would be nice.
Also, I checked out her registry on Target.com.  Whoa.  Three
full pages.  And some of the stuff is quite $$$$.  Just to
make sure I wasn’t crazy, I compared to another friend’s registry.
I was right.  Hers was nuts!  I’m glad she at least is having
a real wedding and not just running off or something, but still.
I am very concerned for her for many reasons, most of which I am not at
liberty to discuss.

I got some good news while I was at my mom’s.  I am in the program
(Ed. Research) and they will be giving me full time funding for the
Fall. Yay!  I think if I play my cards right I can get full time
funding for the Spring, too, but I’ll take it as it comes.  It’s
nice to know that after all this time (well, ok more like three months,
but it feels like forever) my efforts have paid off.

I leave for Chicago in less than a week!  I’m so excited to
actually get to go on a vacation this summer and I’m even more excited
that I don’t have to drive.  I went to Montgomery Sunday-yesterday
and while it was nice and all, I really didn’t feel like driving.
My mom actually got me presents I like and can use.  Unfortunately
I broke half of one of them.  She gave me these cute palm tree
goblets and I broke one as I was putting it into my cabinet.  I
was devastated.  And worse, I can’t find where to replace it, so I
emailed my mom last night and had to say, “uhhh….I broke it.
How can I get a replacement.”  I felt pretty shitty doing that,
but I really liked the glasses and I don’t want just one.

My uncle went on this schpiel about “Is Scott going to be willing to
hold off on having a family while you finish your Ph.D?”
WTF?!  I just said, “First things first.  Maybe when we’re
actually engaged or something that’ll be an issue.  Now it’s
not.”  While it was nice to have an endorsement of Scott (from him
and my mom), it was weird that they were talking like that.  I
mean, I’m just 23.  People don’t have kids in their early 20s
anymore, unless there’s really nothing else going on (i.e. no career or
education to take care of).  I had to tread carefully since my mom
was my age when I was born.  I don’t think she wants the same for
me, but then again it’s not really up to her.  Even still, it’s
going to be a long time before there are little Heathers running around
(and the world breathes a sigh of relief….).

My ebay auction on a bottle of perfume I bought (and then hated) is
ending in 5 minutes.  I hope it goes for even higher than it’s
already at (currently $10.50).  I need to list my guitar on there
so that I can get it sold by the time I go to Chicago so that I have
$$$ when I’m there.