Today is Bastille Day.  And my birthday!  Yay!!  My mom
woke me up at a quarter of seven to wish me happy birthday.  Let’s
just say I was less than awake.  I had an awesome workout and then
I got all dressed up and had lunch w/ Scott.  We’re going to the
Rec pool after he gets out of a meeting.  And then we’ll have
dinner together and play bridge.  What an awesome birthday.
I’m hoping my dinner tomorrow night will be fun and that most of the
people I’ve invited come.  I’ve had one person decline for sure,
but hopefully she’ll be the only one (I guess whitewater rafting is
more fun than Indian food…ha ha).

A flock of birds went crazy on my car and shat ALL OVER IT.  OMFG
it was gross.  I’ll have to post a pic because it’s
unbelievable.  I had to run my wipers 3 or 4 times to remove all
the crap from my line of vision in order to drive.  At first I was
afraid it was paint and I was about to go homicidal, but it’s
definitely bird doo.  Gag.

Oooooh I am so full from lunch.  I need a little bitty nap.