You’d think as little as I had to do I’d update more.  I guess in
a way it’s good because I’m not relying on the computer to occupy my
time and I’m actually getting stuff done.  I took the GRE
yesterday and the days leading up to it were filled with studying and
vocab review.  I didn’t do too badly, but I didn’t get the score I
was hoping for.  Even still, I know it’ll get the job done and I
could have done worse.  There was a pretty vast discrepancy
between my math score and my verbal score, with the math being
higher.  I am not really sure how that happened, but oh
well.  Now I am free to not study….at least for another month or
so.  One of my friends took an education stats class (rather than
stats in her dept.) and she said it was excruciatingly boring.
Good!  That may be what I need.

I went to my great-grandmother’s house on Sunday night w/ my sister
because someone told us she wasn’t doing well at all.  I went
there expecting the worst, but she was actually better than I’ve seen
her in a while.  It was better that I was there instead of here
because of the storm that came through.  A few blocks over from
Scott’s place a utility pole fell over on a car and half of that street
was out of power for about a day.  The poor car is all smashed
up.  Really, Dennis ended up being sort of a let down, but I’m
just glad there wasn’t any major damage.

I’m getting ready to go over to my place and start packing stuff
up.  I’m going to start moving my stuff in to Scott’s today,
though I have no idea when I’ll be able to move my furniture. After
discussing it with my sister, I feel more confident in my
decision.  If my mom gets pissed, so be it.  She’s always mad
at me anyways. I care more about what my dad and sister think, and they
seem to be cool with it. That’s what matters. It really makes more
sense anyways, because it will be less expensive, I’ll have someone
else around, and I’m over there anyways.  There are, of course,
other reasons, but those are the pragmatic ones. Scott already gave me
my birthday present, which is a 5 day trip to Chicago, and we’re flying
there.  Yay!  I’ll be gone the 26th-31st, which means I’ll
need to move out either before or after the trip. I am also selling my
king-sized bed, since I’m tired of moving that thing around
anyways.  I think I’ll sell the entire bed and all of the linens
for around $350-400 (it’s in really really good shape).
Considering it’s hard to find a good king-sized set of sheets for less
than $50 and I’m selling three sets, I’d say whoever buys it will come
out with an awesome deal.

I also need to find some sort of temp job so that I’m not broke.
As it is, I will not be able to make my last car payment.  I’m
going to call and see if I can just pay it off next month since I’m
three months ahead of schedule.  Even paying it off next month
will put me two months early.  I hope she understands my
predicament.  I know I won’t be able to pay my car insurance, but
since my payment plan makes me perpetually a month ahead, I’ll be ok
(i.e., they won’t cancel my policy or anything).  I don’t know
what I’ll do about my Cingular bill.  This really, really
sucks.  If I can just get through a couple more weeks, I’ll be
ok.  Maybe if I end up selling my bed before I go to Chicago
things will be fine.  I’m also going to sell my guitar, since
(let’s face it) I’m not going to be playing it anytime soon, if ever
again.  Being an MT major burned me out on guitar playing.

OK, off to get stuff done!  Yay!

Oh….and my birthday is tomorrow! 🙂