I finally managed to have my
meeting w/ the head of the Educational Research program.  I called him Saturday afternoon to schedule something
for maybe next week and he told me to come over in 30 minutes.  I
was there promptly at 2:15 and we talked for a little over an
hour.  He said that I need to go ahead and apply right away, and
that I most likely will have an assistantship in the fall, but maybe
not in the spring.  Even still, it was a load off my mind because
at least I would have time to work and save up some money to pay for
maybe one course in the spring (I can go to part time but I can’t take
a semester off from the program).  And because I’m in no hurry to
get out of school, I’m an attractive prospect for research
assistantships.  Meaning that whenever I graduate, I’ll have
publications to my name.  Sweet deal, and I’m really excited about
everything! Maybe things are looking up for me now.

Job hunt-wise, things still suck. I have applied for a few more jobs
now.  The temp agency didn’t mail me my check so I had to drag
over to their office to get it.  They “didn’t know” I was still
looking for a job.  WTF?!  I hope I get a job that has
nothing to do w/ them so that I don’t have to deal with this
again.  So incredibly frustrating!!! If I don’t have a job by July
6, I will start looking for jobs involving waiting tables.  This
has gone on far too long.