I realize most of you guys are pretty sharp creatures, but here’s
something I’ve discovered….Nigerian scammers on eBay suck!!!
I’ve been trying to sell my phone on eBay, and the past two times I’ve
listed it some asshole buys it at the “Buy It Now” price, then e-mails
me saying I need to ship it to Nigeria.  WTF???! I clearly state I
ship to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico only.   I’ve had to go report
them, then relist.  It’s getting old.  Should any of you
decide to list some high value items here’s my advice:

  • block people from bidding who live outside of your “ship-to” area
  • block people who are not confirmed with Paypal
  • block bidders who have unpaid items
  • block people who have negative feedback scores

What really sucks is that I went to leave nasty feedback for the guy
who pulled this shit last time, and I discovered he’s no longer
registered w/ eBay.  The first guy who pulled this shit got 4
negative feedback listings before he ducked out.  Luckily, it
makes it easier for me to get my listing fees recredited, since they
obviously were up to no good if they registered and then left.  I
also had to take out the “Buy It Now” option, meaning that it will run
the full 7 days.  Fucking sketch-balls.

I’m still an unemployed bum.  Argh…I may call the temp agency
place and see if they’ve found anything for me.  My last check
comes in two days.  I am not happy at all.  I sent a resume
and letter of interest to a psychologist’s practice that (I think) is
just a couple blocks from Scott’s house.  It’s 36 hours/ week and
they provide benefits.  I sure hope that works out.  At this
point I’m getting desperate.