I am getting quite sick and tired of all the rain.  I want to go
out and walk and be in the sunshine but obviously that’s not going to
happen anytime soon.  Thumbs down for that.  My dinner last
night was ok, except for the freak-ass green bug I found in my salad
(still alive).  Other than that the food was really good…I got a
pasta dish that had all sorts of sauteed veggies, like artichoke hearts
and zucchini.  Sooo good.  To “apologize” for the bug, I got
a free glass of wine, so I tried a pretty decent pinot noir
that I highly recommend.  Since I’ve been on muscle relaxers for a
few days I haven’t been able to have any alcohol, but it was nice to
have a glass of vino.  After dinner we played bridge until about 1
a.m.  We won, of course.  Good hands and a good
partner.  Yay!

Today we watched The Village
since we borrowed it from Utz last night.  It
was….different.  But really good.  There are some plot
twists like you wouldn’t believe.  I won’t spoil it for those of
you who haven’t seen it, but I do recommend it.  I wish it wasn’t
so rainy because then I’d go out and rent The Aviator.  Tonight we’re going out w/ friends and we’re going to see Cinderella Man,
which I am hoping is good.  Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get to go to
the pool or something like that.  I’m incredibly sick and tired of
staying in.

I think in a little I may do a manicure/pedicure and other personal
maintenance type stuff.  I’m certainly in need of a manicure, and
it will give me something to do other than be a bum.  It sucks
being unemployed.