I want to kick those f-ing dogs that live behind Scott. They’re so loud and…yappy. No matter what they intermittently yap and whine. Grrrr. I also have insane hiccups I can’t get rid of. And I’m starving.

For entertainment today I gave the cats copious amounts of catnip. Little space cowboys!!! Nappy-jack (my nickname for Applejack) seems to have a good case of the munchies and he has sort of a glazed expression. I wonder if it’s possible to OD on catnip. I sure hope not…

My meeting w/ the Ed. Research dept. head…cancelled again!!!!! Aiiiieeeeeee! His grandmother passed away and he is up in WV, so no meeting for at least a week. Swell. Though it sucks, one of my friends pointed out that he’ll feel obligated to do something for me since he was incessantly cancelling and rescheduling. Let’s hope that’s right. At the very least I hope this shows him that I’m interested and driven/persistent. It hopefully won’t turn out to be a bad thing for me. I suppose it’s better that we didn’t meet today because I was actually starting to get ever-so-slightly freaked out about it. I think now this will calm me down.

I think we’re going out to dinner at Yazoo tonight (a new “upscale” place that opened where Coyote Cafe used to be). I hope it’s good, but more importantly, I hope they have vegetarian stuff. I think most nicer restaurants are better about catering to that sort of requirement, so maybe I’ll end up w/ something other than steamed veggies. I want to get all dressed up, even if we are just going to go play bridge afterwards. I hope I don’t have another night like last night where I had a one-point hand (which is really really really bad) and never had a hand more than 13 points (which, also, isn’t all that hot). In bridge, as in sex, if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.

Time to go get ready!!!