Today I woke up most reluctantly and reluctantly I staggered into work only to find out I’d been let go because there were permenant RP employees w/ nothing to do. Greeeeeeeat. I went into the temp agency and managed to get myself in the running for two pretty good (and well-paying) temp-to-hire positions. The real kicker is that they may waive the 90 day wait period on benefits once I’m “hired” since I’ll technically have already been there. If this can happen during the summer, that would be swell!!!!! One is at Aramark and the other is with some automotive related company, which the lady said may really dig my previous automotive industry experience. Yay! I also went in to the UA HR dept and re-took the Word test (96% baby!) and also took the advanced proofreading and typing speed tests (both came out w/ excellent results). I’m in the process of developing a good cover letter and references list to attach to my online apps to make it stand out. (Speaking of, Melissa, will you send me an email updating your contact info w/ me? Thanks!!!)

I also went shopping today with Scott and picked up some cute T’s at the Gap and then a kick-ass suit from McRae’s for $30. It’s really really nice, and even with the added expense of getting the sleeves hemmed, it’s still a damn good deal. Where else could you find a nice looking suit for less than $40? It’s stone colored with a skirt that’s the perfect length to suit my tastes (and work dress codes).

Our power went out for a good hour but now luckily it’s back on and we’re cooking dinner. Power outages in the summer suck because it gets so crazy hot inside but opening windows isn’t really an option. That and I couldn’t do laundry. Hopefully I’ll get caught up on my “stuff I’ve intended to do” list before we go play bridge at 8:30. Since I don’t have to be at work tomorrow, I can stay out later and sleep in, something I haven’t really done in a couple weeks. I’m definitely looking forward to it.