This rain really sucks.  There’s a lot I should go out and take
care of, but I don’t feel like battling the rain.  I’m hoping that
it lets up so that I can:

  • go pick up my pay check and take it to the bank
  • go check my mailbox
  • go mail off a book I sold on
  • go put gas in my car

Scott’s at his Dale Carnegie class right now, so I’m just sorta hanging
out w/ the kitties and thinking of stuff to do.  There’s a load of
laundry I could fold but I’m just not digging that now.  I ate a
huuuuuge dinner at F.I.G. consisting of a veggie panini and orzo pasta
salad.  I had ordered potato salad but it had bacon in it.
Boooooo!  I think my family was intrigued by the fact that I’ve
stopped eating meat, but luckily they didn’t hassle me about it.
I weighed myself the other day and I’ve lost a good 7 or 8 lbs since
becoming vegetarian.  That’s always a good thing, and if I can get
to the gym more, it’ll be even better.  I feel a lot better about
my body recently, even though other aspects of my life aren’t going so

This weekend I’m going to ATL for the Music Midtown festival, which
should be fun.  I want to go back to the Farmer’s Market and buy
some more awesome stuff.  Now that I have a bit more free time to
cook, I might be able to make good use of what I buy there.  I
just need to ask off for next Monday so that we don’t have to rush back
to town Sunday night (when I’m sure we’ll both be tired).  I’ve
come to the conclusion that my boss may be a bit of an alcoholic.
He always seems a bit fuzzy after lunch and he smells like alcohol when
he gets back from lunch.  It’s pretty gross, actually.  I
didn’t realize how bad it was until I walked by his office and could still
smell it!  Ugh!  I’m not saying anything to anyone because a)
I’m just a temp and b) If I noticed it, then others have noticed it,
too, and there must be a reason they haven’t done anything about
it.  I just hope he stays away from me ’cause it makes me want to
throw up.

Ok, rain or not, I’m going out….