Scott is still in grading hell; ergo, I’m just loafing today.  I
did actually do some productive stuff earlier today (sweep, dustmop, do
laundry, make dinner) but by and large I’ve just been sitting around
reading.  I finally got a copy of Nickel and Dimed
from the public library and got to finish where I left off from reading
during bridge games (when I was the dummy hand).  That book will
blow you away.  It’s tragic how many people work full time (or
more) and then still don’t make enough to make ends meet (i.e. pay
rent, buy groceries and that’s about it).  Forget it if someone
has a family to support. It simply can’t be done without outside
assistance like welfare or family members. She brought up a lot of
compelling ideas in the book and it makes me re-examine what I’m really
doing and how much I’ve been screwed over by employers.  Which
brings me to…

My boss (at my teaching job, not the data entry job) really ticked me
off today.  In our contracts it states that we will be paid by the
fifth of the month.  OK.  So I went by tonight to check my
box and there was no check.  The reason?  I hadn’t turned in
my contract for next year yet.  If my dad hadn’t sent me some
money (and I wasn’t working another job) I’d be so fucked.  So I
turned it in and then tried to call her.  No answer on either
number.  So I emailed her.  Hopefully I’ll have a check in my
box tomorrow by 5 or I’m throwing a fit.

I’m glad that this month I’m a bit more cushioned because I have so
many weird little expenses that add up.  New tag, new license,
contacts, speeding ticket…after awhile it makes me aware of how
little I really have.  I look deranged in my license picture,
which is mostly how I’d look if I got pulled over (again).  I do
need to start watching myself while driving.  Namely, I need to
slow down and I need to stop using my cell phone while I drive.
That shit is so dangerous.  I once read about a wreck on I-59
where the guy wrecked and died because he was trying to send a text
message while driving.

My meeting was not on for today b/c the guy was sick.  We’ve
scheduled it (so to speak) for Friday at 4:30, meaning I have to get in
to work by 7:30, and then take a 30 min lunch so that I can make it
home by 4:15.  Can do!  I’m really hoping to get something

I do not want to go to work tomorrow.  But I also don’t want to be
broke.  So I suppose this means I’ll wake up, go to work, suck it
up, and then deal with it.  Woo hoo….