The visit to Nana’s went pretty well, overall.  No one said
anything too embarrassing and apparently everyone really likes
Scott.  Score!  My grandmother, mom, and aunt all noted that
he reminds them of my dad.  Paging Electra…I’m sure I could do
much, much worse.  And he isn’t just
like my dad, but similar enough for them to notice.  I guess the
though occurred to me but I just tried not to think about it, for
obvious reasons.  I think some weekend we will go down to
Montgomery and stay w/ my mom, albeit in the same bed.

Today I have a meeting (well, I hope so) with the Ed. Research dept
head.  It keeps getting put off and it’s really starting to grate
on my nerves.  Not that I’m angry, just anxiety-ridden because
there’s a lot hinging on this right now, and I want to know for sure
either way what’s going on.  Scott and I discussed it last night
and he says that getting out of musicology here is a good choice,
regardless of what else I choose to do (enter another program, work,
etc.)   They weren’t appreciating me so I shouldn’t oblige
myself to them.  I’m going tomorrow and Tuesday to take some
skills tests for some jobs I applied for at UA.  Hopefully I can
land something there if I need to work for a few months.  I’m not
really keen on relying on a temp agency, considering their past

Off to finish watching Magnolia since I never saw it before.  I can’t believe I’ve never seen it.