I’ve managed to get a lot done today. My supervisor came over around
3:00 and told us that we could have the day off tomorrow, so I left
around 4:00 and I will go in a half day tomorrow.  I need the
money, but the rest would be nice too.  This afternoon I managed
to check my mail, deposit my checks, consolidate my student loans, go
shopping (2 kick ass pairs of shoes!!!), and then just hang out.
I may take a hot bath in a little while before going to
beddy-bye.  Last night Applejack pissed on the bed (again!!!) and
it kind of messed up my sleep rhythm and I was a tad groggy today at
work.  I think tonight we’ll be locking his ass out.  I’m
sure it’s somewhat related to the trauma of being locked up for a
couple days, but still…peeing on your mommy and daddy isn’t
cool!!!  Especially not in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow after work I may try to go pay some bills, get some stuff from
my place, list my flute on eBay, and then just do some kicking
back.  Saturday we’ll be going to my grandmother’s house for the
day to hang out, which should be fun.  Scott’s yet to meet any of
my people, so it will be interesting.  I just hope everyone
behaves.  My mom said that maybe he and I could come stay w/ her
and that he could sleep on the fold out bed and I could sleep with
her.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  I think moi et ma maman will have to have a little talk.

Alrighty, time to scratch Applejack’s belly and then take a bath.