This job is a one-way ticket to the funny farm. It seems like everyone with offices outside of my cubicle likes to cut his nails on a daily basis. Grrrrrrrrrross!!! I really want to say “Hey, man, wouldya shut the door while you do that? It’s disgusting!” but in the interest of (relative) job security, I won’t.
Thankfully my workday has gone by fairly quickly and smoothly. I met Scott for lunch at City Cafe, and as usual it was awesome. One more day and then my work week is through. I’ve scheduled a skills test for next Tuesday w/ UA in hopes of securing employment there. Even if I would be just a secretary, I’d still be paid a couple bucks more an hour and I’d have my very own benefits. That in and of itself is a huuuge perk. Not to mention the hours are bit more Heather-friendly (8-4:30 or so).
Back to the grind.