My weekend was definitely full of ups and downs.  We took off from
Tuscaloosa early Friday morning to drive up to Columbia, MO, which is
about a 9 or 10 hour drive if you don’t stop and make relatively good
time.  On the way up we went through Memphis and St. Louis and
then cut west to Columbia.  About 2 hours south of St. Louis I got
pulled over for speeding (84 in a 70) and got a freaking ticket, which
wasn’t at ALL what I needed.  Even though it was $108, it may as
well have been $108,000 because I don’t have enough money to make ends
meet, much less anything else.  I was definitely not in a good
mood.  That night when we got in to Scott’s parents’ house and
started getting ready for bed, I ripped a contact.  Anyone who
knows me well knows that my eyes are super sensitive to the sun and
therefore I have to wear contacts during the day so that I can wear
sunglasses.  Otherwise, I’m miserable and headachy.  So
Saturday morning we had to get up early and find an eye doctor that was
open and had an open appointment.  We ended up at the Pearle in
the mall and $85 later I had some contacts and a prescription, which I
now keep in my wallet for emergencies such as these.  After that
we went and got pizza from this awesome little place called
Shakespeare’s and took it back to the house.  Tuscaloosa needs a
real pizza place like that, because Pizza Hut/Papa Johns/Domino’s isn’t
going to cut it.  No way.  Tut’s is about the closest thing,
but it doesn’t compare.

We then got ready to go to Scott’s friend Terzah’s wedding.  She
was so nice and the wedding was likely the nicest one I had ever been
to.  You could just tell they were thrilled to pieces to be
married to each other.  I hope I have something that wonderful
with someone in the future.  The reception was pretty kickass and
I met some really nice people, including some friends of Terzah’s who
she met in the Peace Corps.  We had some really interesting
discussions and it got me reconsidering joining. I had given up on the
idea, but now it’s definitely an option sometime in the
future.   Sunday we hung out, went looking at record shops,
went to a nice coffeeshop that had Arabic lattes and then had a cookout
w/ his grandmother.  She was really nice, as was the rest of his
family.  I’ve never really felt that much at home w/ someone’s
family, and it’s a great feeling.  We also played a few hands of
bridge, with some interesting (ha ha) plays on my part.

The drive back on Monday wasn’t too bad.  We were just really
really tired and after about Tupelo it got scary because neither one of
us were of sound mind or body and certainly in no condition to
drive.  Even though we left Columbia at 10:30-ish, we stopped in
Jeff City to take pictures of the capitol, then in Rolla for lunch,
then in some random town to browse through a flea market (that took
over an hour!!) then in Memphis for dinner, then in Tupelo for gas and
snacks….you get the idea.  Hellacious.  Just awful.
We didn’t arrive home until around 1 AM, and when I opened the door I
had an eerie feeling when Applejack didn’t meet me at the door, as he
always does.  I then heard a god-awful primal squalling, and
realized it was Applejack.  Locked up.  Somewhere.  Oh,
shit.  I finally discovered I had inadvertantly shut him in the
back bathroom.  Three days with no food, water, or litter
box.  Good lord, I’m an awful awful awful person.  He was
soooo upset and looked incredibly disheveled and traumatized.
It’ll be awhile before I forgive myself for that, even if he is pretty
much fine now.  The bathroom was an unholy mess though we managed
to get it cleaned up a bit before bed, and then I scrubbed it up this
evening.  Poor poor kitty…I am an unfit kitty-mom.
Thankfully he suffered no obvious ill effects and he’s eating,
drinking, and playing just fine.  I am concerned because he
appears to have lost a couple lbs.  Hopefully he’ll put those back
on pretty quickly.

Work today sucked because I was soooo tired.  Instead of taking a
lunch break I went home and took a 30 minute nap.  Then after work
I slept another 30 minutes.  I feel ok now, just sort of overall
tired and in need of some R & R.  Meeting tonight w/ the Ed.
Res. program head wasn’t on b/c he is teaching.  Friday
night.  God, I hope so.  I understand that there’s a lot
going on for all of us, but I just want some resolution already.
Uncertainty and instability are not my bag, baby.