Work for whatever reason wore me out today.  It could be from lack
of sleep since I didn’t get to bed until 12:45 and then woke up around
7, with very fitful sleep in between.  I actually took a nap this
evening after I got home and it helped a bit.  I think I was just
tired and dehydrated because at dinner I drank two full glasses of
water.  We went to the Globe and it was really really good.
I worked there a couple years ago as a hostess but never ate anything
but the french toast.  I had the shrimp tortellini, sans shrimp
and it was amazing, just pasta and veggies.  I like the Globe
because it’s cute and intimate.

Tomorrow I WILL make it to the gym.  I wanted to go
to yoga after work today but I was just too beat.  That sounds
pretty pathetic but it’s true.  I will shoot for an hour workout
and then treat myself to some steamroom/sauna time and a nice shower at
the Rec (rather than delay my shower til I get home).  I’m really
frustrated because most of my body seems pretty decent but my upper
arms are (in my opinion) too big, and it’s definitely not all
muscle.  I just have this layer of fat there that I can’t get rid
of. Grrrr.  Hopefully watching my diet and increasing my workouts
will do the trick.  I really don’t know what else would work.

Supposedly I have a meeting Thurs night w/ the head of the Ed. Research
dept.  I hope it pans out.  From what Scott heard today (via
his friend who’s trying to hook all this up for me) the guy seems
interested and there would be (for sure) good funding in the spring,
perhaps even in the fall.  And there is another music person in
the program, so I wouldn’t be quite the oddity I am now as the only
musicology person.

Just two more working days this week. Wheeeeeeee!