My first day on the job went ok. My left wrist reeeeeally started hurting for reasons I’ve yet to discover. I need to maybe pace myself or something so that I don’t give myself carpal tunnel syndrome. My boss is pretty nice and was very cool about me taking off next Friday when Scott and I drive to Missouri to go to a wedding. Yay for Memorial Day weekend road trips! Huzzah!

Today I’m not going to work because I’ve got to work. Confused? I’m going to Demopolis to teach one last time. Unfortunately I likely won’t be getting back here until 8-ish. Ugh. Luckily it won’t be pitch black until the very end of my drive so that’s definitely nice. Before then I need to go to the gym to put in at least 30 minutes, then sort out my stuff for the kids’ recital tonight, then get dressed, go eat at Manna (veggie casserole day!!!!!!), then meet my boss at the office b/c she’s sending someone w/ me that wants to observe me.

Busy day but luckily a lazy weekend lies ahead of me.