My visit to Atlanta went pretty well. Traffic was bad. Avoid at all
costs any part of the city from 3:30-7. I nearly had a very serious
accident w/ a dumbass driving a Tyson truck. Faiza and I had Korean
food for dinner at a cute little place on Ponce and then went back to
her aunt’s place and crashed. She lives in a sweeeeeeeet house in
Alpharetta. Un-freakin-believable. Their basement was larger than my
apartment and a hell of a lot nicer.  I took her to the Coke
museum since she’d never been, and a couple other touristy places
before she leaves here for good. Or not, if she gets the job offer in
D.C. she’s interviewing for in a couple weeks. In that case she’ll go
back and then return in a couple months. That would rock.

Now for good news: I have a job! It’s a temp job at Randall that will
actually be a couple months, rather than a couple weeks. However, if
one of my UA jobs pans out I’ll just duck out earlier than planned. A
nice consistent paycheck will do wonders for me and my sad $$$
situation at any rate.  Paying off my car and my Mastercard are
priorities right now.

Hey, ,
guess who’s leaving the School of Music for a (better-paying) position
elsewhere….three guesses, and he’s in the musicology dept.  Not
that I blame him.  I may be getting out myself.  (More on
that later, perhaps).

I guess I need to go to bed soon if I’ve gotta be up at 6:30 to get to work by 8.