I called the temp agency this morning to find out what in the hell’s going on. Mind you I dropped off a resume over a month ago, and I hadn’t really heard anything back other than, “We’re still waiting…” Apparently there’s a 3-4 week opening at Randall Publishing (K, I know you did something there, right?) doing data entry. It doesn’t pay all that great, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. It’ll tide me over until I get something more substantial/long term. I also applied for a couple jobs at UA, one as an “Office Associate” in Alumni Affairs/University Advancement and another position as a “Developmental Research Analyst” for Advancement Services. Both pay decently and are benefits eligible, which would be nice. It would give me the option of temporarily dropping out of school if need be, since really the only thing keeping me in now is the fact I’d lose benefits (since I’m still going thru my Dad).

I’m leaving in a few hours to go to Atlanta to hang out w/ Faiza before she takes off for “back home” (meaning: Pakistan). I hope we find something kick-ass to do. And I hope gas is reeeeally cheap there, too. I am going to beg her to eat @ Zyka w/ me, ’cause that place is bombdiggity.

Scott and I had to do a major flea treatment on the house yesterday b/c his cat still keeps getting fleas. I hope it works, because we put sooo much time and effort into it. Applejack (the flea-ridden one) is sitting by me right now looking cute. Mrow. After the flea ridding we went to the gym and I did the elliptical for 45 minutes, a new record for me. I was very proud of myself and I’m thankfully not too sore today. I think I may make it a habit to do at least 30 minutes at a time. I’m shooting to be able to do an hour by the end of summer. I’m also 7 lbs from my goal weight. Woot!