Today was a day where I luckily did very little. I did some adding to
my iPod, something I didn’t do after early January. I also did some
cleaning out around my place in order to scrape together stuff for a
garage sale. I actually came up w/ a lot of stuff, and a stack of
clothes to consign. It seems like I’m always getting rid of clothes,
but I buy clothes on a consistent basis. Scott and I went thrifting
today and came out with some awesome (!!!) deals. We went to some small
store downtown and I paid $2.25 for a bag of mulling spices, a pair of
Jones New York pants, a nice houndstooth skirt, a cute white button-up
shirt, and a black Talbott’s skirt. Unreal!!! I definitely need to go
shopping at thrift shops more often because I always come up with
amazing stuff for next to nothing. I’d love to halve what I spend every
month, and I think that I’m well on my way to doing so. I really want
one of these.
I’ve briefly considered selling my car, buying one and a slightly
inferior car.  That way I have a car to go to Bham or to see my
parents,but I have a scooter to get around town.  They get 90 mpg,
which is definitely great.  And they’re cute.

I think bedtime is approaching shortly.  I have to go to the gym,
then go home, change, go pick up equipment, and then go to Demopolis
and teach.  Ugh.  I’ll have only two more times after
tomorrow.  I can’t wait to be done w/ that, for at least
awhile.  I’m applying for a job w/ UA Alumni Affairs.  It
pays well (relatively, anyways) and they provide benefits. Yay!
If it pans out well I may alter my academic schedule to allow myself to
work.  Let’s see how that goes…