Grade tally

  • Symphonic Shit…er, Lit-B (wow that’s actually surprising)
  • Proseminar in 20th Century Music-A (yay!)
  • Chamber Music-A
  • Form and Analysis-A, even though it doesn’t count towards my G.P.A. Darn.

Now that it’s over for now, I need to get cracking on finding me a job
for the summer.  I need to make money.  Sewious money.
I’m doing very well on scaling back my expenses, but I need to get
serious.  Pay off my car, my Mastercard, maybe start paying off
some student loans (even though I’m still having to take them out),
stick some in savings.  I’d like to have at least $3000 in savings
by the time I’m 25.  Then I’ll probably go stick it in a mutual
fund or something like that.  Whatever has a bigger return/less

Yesterday Scott and I went to B’ham for a day of fun and hanging
out.  We went to Southside, had lunch, went to a record store,
went to the Summit, then met Rashmee at her place in Mtn. Brook and had
dinner at this awesome pizza place called Davenport’s.  Sooooo
good.  Then we hung out for a while before heading back to
Tuscaloosa.  It was definitely fun.

Ooooooh I’m feeling lazy.