This week is kicking my ass. So much to do and no time to do it in. Copies to run, research/writing to do, clothes to wash, closets to ransack. Sigh. I do not want to go to Demopolis tomorrow. Luckily I won’t have to go next week b/c I’m driving to New Orleans (!) to go to Jazzfest (!!!!). To do tonight- do footnotes for my 20th century paper, get an outline going on my Prokofiev/Shostakovich paper, get copies of the scores for each of those, get my copies of musical examples for my 20th century paper, finish my Erkonig analysis, get my prescription filled and somehow go to bed at some point. Luckily I have no classes tomorrow, so as long as I’m up by 10, I’m A-OK. Ideally I’d like to be up by 9 so that I can get at least a solid hour’s worth of work done before I skidaddle. Will it happen? I don’t know.

My legs have started a slow and disgusting peel from my burn. Not cool!!! I hope that I haven’t sustained a lot of damage because I’d like not to look like a Coach bag when I’m older. I’m a sunscreen fanatic from here on out, kids.

Bruno (Scott’s older cat) is licking Applejack (the younger kitty). It’s so freaking cute. Such cute little adopted kitty brothers.

Off to change and then to a boring-ass rehearsal. Day-um.