I had an AWESOME time in Destin w/ Scott (and the people we went with). Never mind that it poured for half our trip. And I got sunburned. Pretty badly. We played Frisbee on the beach, laid out for awhile, went shopping, ate Thai food and played games. So far we’ve had two great trips together, and I’m hoping our trip to New Orleans for Jazzfest is equally (if not more) amazing.
Cummins returned our 20th century tests today. 100! Kick ass!!!! I worked so hard for that and it’s so nice to see me reap the benefits of my hard work. If I can make a decent grade on my final, I should for sure have a solid A in that class. I’m not so sure about my Symphonic Lit class though maybe I’m worried over nothing.
Speaking of worrying…I am terrified I won’t get an assistantship. Cummins told me that they sometimes use them to bait out of staters into coming here, so in state kids (esp. UA grads) get short shrift. If that happens I don’t know what the hell I will do. I probably kept Scott up far later than he cared to be up with my ramblings. He’s so understanding like that.
I’m proud of myself for not being tempted to blow all my $$$ within the first 10 days of having it. I got my check from my dad and I got paid today and honestly there’s not a whole hell of a lot of stuff I need. I want to save some $ for New Orleans and not be broke come the end of the month.
I need food. Now. Indian….?