Thanks to all of you who have added me so far. I just wanted a fresh start and an opportunity to break off some LJ “relationships” and avoid some stalkers once and for all. Like I said I’m not posting a link to this anywhere, so basically those who read this know me already. I will likely make all my entries friends-only from here on out, just in the interest of security and privacy. I think I will also use this LJ as more of my own personal journal than I did in my last one. The way things have been recently, I need a bit of a creative outlet.
As I get more time (and money to get a paid account) I will tinker and polish. For now, WYSIWYG. I hope that over Spring Break (next week! Yes!) I will do some preliminary work to get this thing looking snazzy. I am really in need of a serious break. I have some mornings where I wake up and wish I hadn’t. I definitely hate my job and some of my classes are burning me out. I’m taking 3 classes next semester and I’m not doing Chamber Music (or any sort of ensemble) so hopefully I’ll get some relief. I’m only working 2 days per week in the fall instead of my present 4. I will definitely put my foot down if she tries to add anything to my workload because it caused me worlds of hurt this semester. I feel like I’ve really let my academics suffer because of work, not only because I have a lot of it, but because it freaking wears me out and kills any sense of motivation I might have.
I really can’t let my grades slide because I need to start thinking about where I want to do my Ph.D. I will be pretty useless w/ just a master’s in musicology so I have to just push on through. Dr. Cummins said there’s a possibility that I wouldn’t get an assistantship here because they use assistantships to bait people into coming here, not keep people here who already ARE here. That would piss me off. I will be very bitter and angry if I don’t get something.
Off to the pharmacy and then making veggie soup. Yummmm.