Things in my life are soooo hectic right now. I have a presentation in my Symphonic Lit class on Mahler due next week. I need to start working on my 20th century paper (clear the topic w/ Dr. C and then write a proposal and a bibliography) as well as finish up the extra credit stuff that I am doing to raise my already decent test grade. Luckily all my crap w/ progress reports for work is finished. I wrote over 70 of those suckers. Meh. After a while I felt like I was saying the same thing: “Your kid is really cool. Just practice more.” There was a few that I had to refrain from writing: “Your kid is the reason I consistently and properly use birth control.” When I did recommendations for next year I actually downgraded a few of my students b/c I don’t want to deal w/ them for an hour and neither should anyone else. I have a feeling my teaching duties next year will be severely limited b/c of my class schedule. But if my assistantship pays ok, then I should be fine financially.

Things with Scott are also amazing. This relationship is everything I ever wanted and thought I could never have. We had an awesome weekend together, even if we both had shitloads of work to do. Once Spring Break comes around we can actually relax and just hang out. I may be going to Destin w/ him and some faculty people the last weekend of Spring Break, which will be fun. It’ll be especially nice since I’m not going to the beach for Mother’s Day this year, and damnit, I want to go to the beach. I guess this means I’ll be bathing suit shopping in the next couple weeks. Ohhhhh shit. Maybe a trip or two the gym every week is in order. Not to mention salsa classes are starting up again. I feel like I’m getting in really good shape, slowly but surely.

On tap for today: change oil, run clothes to consignment shop, meet friends for lunch, go to class, maybe have a rehearsal. I hope not. 😦