I have a boyfriend. A real one. And he’s crazy about me. Ahhh…

So let me back up a bit.

The date on Valentine’s went smashingly well, as I wrote earlier. We talked the next night for 3 and a half hours on the phone and made plans to hang out the next night. Wednesday night we had dinner at a Japanese place here in town then went back to his house to play backgammon, so that he could teach me how. We had a few fun games and hung around. Thursday night we got together and hung out again, which is just what I needed after my rough day (what with the funeral and all). Friday night we saw “Death of a Salesman” (which was awesome!) and then out to eat. Saturday I went to Judy’s wedding and then we hung out Saturday and then spent all day Sunday together. We’re getting together tonight for dinner after I get off work as well.

Yes, I know it’s insane. We had “the talk” Saturday because I think we were both feeling like something was really happening between us and we needed to figure what that was. I think that this relationship will be the healthiest I’ve ever had, and I feel like I’ve reached the point in my life where I can handle the responsibility of a relationship again. Otherwise, I would have held back considerably.

It’s absolutely wonderful. We can talk about anything, and I feel like we have a lot to give and teach each other. The other night he talked about things like culpability provisions (which I know nothing about since I’m not a lawyer) and then I talked about things like how V7 chords function, why Schoenberg is so great and what form in music is. I feel like we can each do our own thing, get our work done, but then enjoy each other’s company. I don’t worry about either one of us becoming stalkerish or jealous. We also discussed the age difference. He’s 32, exactly 10 years older. At times this may become an issue, but considering that I’ve endured quite a bit in my 22.5 years and he hasn’t been in a relationship in almost 7 years, we more easily meet somewhere in the middle.

So that’s my story. I’m so happy. And I think I deserve to be.