1. I talk to my boss 10 times more than I talk to any of my friends or family
2. I have students that are old enough (or young enough, as the case may be) to be my offspring
2a. And some of them have boyfriends.
2b. And I don’t.

It kind of concerns me, though. They’re 9, for crying out loud! What do they have to look forward to if they’re already going out on dates? I shudder at the thought. Maybe it was because I was shy and grew up somewhat sheltered (at least in that aspect) but I can’t imagine my parents letting me be that way. It was a scandal when I was in middle school if people were caught making out.(Definitely nothing that ever happened to me…) Now it’s barely a scandal when an eighth grader ends up pregnant. Am I really getting old already? Surely not. I do find it funny when high schoolers are getting more game than I am, but yet they assume because I’m “old” that I am. There was a swarm of high schoolers/middle schoolers in Moody today for what I assume is district and they were all looking at us in fascination and awe. It was sort of cute, but strange because most of them were my height or taller.

Off to be productive. Ha.

ETA: Despite the perception of some (you know who you are!! 😉 ) this isn’t a pity party. I do not feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for grade schoolers who feel like they have to have a boyfriend to be cool.