Today has been good so far, except for the fact that I slept through my
9 AM class. Bleh.  I can’t believe I did that.  I also
somehow missed a past-midnight phone call from the lovely . Gee, thanks! 

I’ve been using those Whitestrip things to undo the damage that my
coffee fetish has done to my grill.  I can already tell a subtle
difference, but I still have a couple more days to go.  What I
hate is that as soon as I put them in, everyone sees fit to call me and
I have to talk to them with a strange lisp.  Ahhh…just 10 more
minutes.  Let’s see who else will call…

I finally got all my laundry and vacuuming done.  I’d like a
chance to sweep and mop, but I doubt that will happen.  I have a
lunch date today at 1 (Happy B’day Ranita!!!), then class 3-5:45, then
I need to practice my Corelli part to get in all the ornamentation
done.  And I need to start notecards for my 20th century
test.  And pack for the weekend.  And go buy black ink. 
And finish reading the Mahler article.  I still don’t know how on
earth I’ll come up with a presentation for that.  Luckily, I don’t
have to go first, so I can gauge how others do it and then format my
presentation accordingly.  I hope she’s not expecting Powerpoint
slides or overheads, but you never know with her. 

I’m getting so incredibly sick of my hair.  I just want it to be
long already. I hate it the length it is, but at least this time I’m
not wanting it to be shorter, so I doubt I’ll back out of my plan and
chop my hair.  If I can wing it, I’m going to try to grow it extra
long and then chop off 12″ of it for Locks of Love (they make wigs from
donated hair for cancer patients who have lost their own hair).  I
have thick healthy hair and I’m sure it would be useful to them. 

Anyways, off to dry my hair, get ready, and then go.