I could have danced all night. Really. I’m really starting to get good
and I find it much easier to cut loose during class. I’m going to start
going out every weekend dancing, if possible. I danced for around 2
hours today, which I’m sure is a great workout. I feel so energetic, so
beautiful, so sexy, so alive.
All the crap that’s happened to me in the past is just that: crap that
happened in the past. And it doesn’t matter now. What matters is what’s
happening now and what will happen to me in the future. I feel so much stronger than I ever did before.

My 9 am class was cancelled, so that means I can pack until whenever
tonight and then sleep in in the morning.  And then go to
Demopolis. WoOt!  Hopefully I’ll be back by 7 so that I can
skidaddle on to Bham and be there by 8:30.  Then on to da
ATL.  I’ve redone my “always packed” overnight bag to be a hell of
a lot more organized, so packing for excursions from now on should be
much simpler.  I really like the idea of me going places.  I
don’t think I was born to stay in one place for long.  That might
be why my mom always said I was a little Gypsy.  (That, or my
penchant for somewhat ornate/tacky things.) 

I now have a map of Europe on my wall right next to my desk. I’m
getting giddy.  If this trip doesn’t pan out, I really do think I
will cry.  I just hope all my money I’m anticipating comes in
soon.  I found out today that the former tenants forgot to write
the apartment number on the address so it was returned to them and
hopefully I will receive it by Monday (crosses fingers).  I still
don’t have all my W-2’s, so I can’t finish filing my taxes.  And I
don’t get paid til Saturday. Shit.  This sucks.  But when it
rains, it will pour.