I really wish I could get my customizations right. I want to add the
free-text field and remove the page summary and I’m at a loss as to how
to do so. If anyone knows, please tell me! 
(I’m using Haven)

I actually woke up 30 minutes before my alarm went off. I feel very
well-rested and I think I’m recovering. Hopefully that’s a good omen
for the day. I have class at 9:30, work from 2:45-4:45, rehearsal
5:30-6:30, and then salsa 8-9. A nice full day for me! Actually, the
next few days will be quite full. I have my usual gig in Demopolis and
then I’m going to ATL this weekend to hang out with friends.  I
haven’t been in nearly two years, which is funny considering how many
other places I’ve been.  It’s just never been a destination of
interest for me.

Last night I started playing around on Delta’s
web site and found out they’re offering rock-bottom rates from Atlanta
or JFK to Berlin.  I started experimenting and found that I could
fly from ATL to JFK and then JFK to Berlin for less than $500. Ohhhh
yes!  I hope I get at least some of the money I’m anticipating
very soon (tax refund, paycheck, check from Dad, check from the former
tenants of this apartment) so that I can just buy it already.  The
offer expires the 15th but the travel itself has to take place in May
or June.  How perfect is that?!!!!